Why You Need a Blending Agreement for Your Blended Family

Blended or step-families come in all different shapes and sizes. The way that these unique families handle finances comes in just as many varieties. Some families go for the more traditional route of merging all financial matters into joint accounts and making all financial decisions together. Other families choose to keep everything separate and operateContinue reading “Why You Need a Blending Agreement for Your Blended Family”

Making Healthcare Decisions as a Blended Family

Healthcare decisions are never easy. Sometimes tough choices have to be made and many times someone is left hurting because they were not involved in the process or they did not agree with the choice that was made. How do you make healthcare decisions in a blended family and keep the conflict amongst family membersContinue reading “Making Healthcare Decisions as a Blended Family”

Bringing Assets Into a Second or Subsequent Marriage

It is much easier when you marry in your earlier years before either of you have acquired much in the way of obligations, property or assets. There are no children involved, no ex-spouses, little to no financial obligations and you are starting fresh. It is a little different when you enter a second or subsequentContinue reading “Bringing Assets Into a Second or Subsequent Marriage”

Establishing Rules and Routines in a Newly Blended Family

Starting a blended family is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Will the children like their new step parent? Will the step parent get along with their new step children? Will the children like each other? How will things be with the other biological parent(s)? How will the finances be handled? What willContinue reading “Establishing Rules and Routines in a Newly Blended Family”


I started this blog with the belief that blended and step families need a place where they are supported and understood. Having been raised in a blended family, I understand all too well how difficult the dynamics can be. My parents are a second marriage and both of them brought children from exes into theContinue reading “Welcome”