Reflections Life Planning, LLC is a D.C. based boutique law firm specializing in helping blended/step families to craft estate plans aligned with their unique legacy goals

Blended families have highly complex estate planning needs. There are ex-spouses, biological and step children, current spouses, in-laws, ex-in-laws, both marital and separate property, and so much more. It is very different from a nuclear family where all of the children are in common between the spouses. Sometimes the relationships can get strained and this puts pressure on where and how assets should be distributed at death. Should your current spouse inherit? How about your ex-spouse? How about your biological children from previous relationships? How about your current step children, or step children from a previous relationship? If you pass away today would anyone know what your true legacy wishes are?

Most people entering second or subsequent marriages do not realize the legal and financial impact of that decision. Without proper planning, some very important people and details can be missed. It is not uncommon for assets to be improperly titled, beneficiaries on accounts outdated, or stale estate planning documents that would distribute assets in a way that does not reflect your current wishes. We help you to carefully think through every detail of your estate and make decisions that align with your current legacy goals.

Check out our simple three step process:

Step 1: Complete your consultation

We complete a comprehensive consultation to understand all of the competing needs of the family and to gain a full understanding of the legacy goals at hand. This meeting will take place via Zoom or phone.

Step 2: Choose your estate plan

Once the consultation is complete, you choose the legacy plan that best fits the goals that you outlined. Your plan will be customized to fit your unique family needs. Choose from our Will or Trust based plans.

Each plan comes standard with Advanced Healthcare Directives including a Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and asset titling evaluation.

Step 3: Receive your documents

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Once you have completed your consultation and chosen your estate plan, we will deliver your new customized estate plan to you in both digital format as well as a hard copy (in a binder for safe keeping). You can now rest easy knowing that when you die your assets will be distributed according to your true wishes no matter the dynamics of your family.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“We were pleased with the level of personalization in our plan. The consultation alone was worth its weight in gold. There were so many things that we had never thought through concerning our estate plan.”

George & Alexis, Washington, D.C.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I am so happy that I reached out and learned how my remarriage would impact my adult daughter and her family. A few small changes and I am able to sleep at night.”

Ethel, Fairfax, VA


Reflections Life Planning LLC is an estate consulting and planning firm that focuses on meeting the unique estate planning needs of blended families.

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