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Raina L. Bonds
Founder and CEO
Reflections Life Planning LLC

Meet Your Life & Legacy Attorney

I began my career as a financial advisor working for large banks and insurance companies. As I met clients from all over the world, increasingly I became aware of the need for both wealth and legacy planning. Law school later in life was a way for me to transition from just helping my clients to build their financial lives to helping them establish the life and legacy that they always dreamed of for themselves and their families.

“We believe your financial wealth is only a small part of your overall “family wealth,” which is made up of your far more valuable (and most often lost upon incapacity or death) intellectual, spiritual, and human assets. These assets make you who you are, and sum up what’s most important to you. “

How We Are Different

Professional women: In times past it was the men who handled all of the family finances. All of the available advisors were mostly male and predominantly white. The industry is still in need of diversity both in race and gender, but hey now you have options! Now you have that go to place designed with you in mind!

Women are now in charge of about 66% of family wealth in America. Many women end up in charge by default since their spouses may predecease them or become incpacitated and unable to handle the family finances. Other women take a more proactive approach to their financial lives and make use of the tools and resources at their fingertips

Regardless of your circumstance, we want to talk to you about your financial life and the legacy that you want to leave. Book your complimentary 15 minute consultation to determine whether we are the right fit for each other.

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We are here to meet the needs of you and your family and to guide you through your wealth building strategies all the way to creating the legacy that you want to leave behind.